‘Das Ganze ist das Unwahre’ – after Theodor Adorno
(‘The whole is the untrue’)

We always want to position ourselves within our environment, either conscious or unconscious. It not only provides us recognition, but above all it enables stability and control. Research about our past and our future provides us knowledge; we investigate, analyse, conserve and archive to enable ourselves to understand our place in time and space.
My research deals with the disturbance of this knowledge, starting from the fascination for fragments; I am curious about the absent parts, the still not finished stories and no less the void that a fragment carries along with it.
In response to this I try to give form to the way we order and to how we appropriate meanings in the way we experience our environment.

In my work I strive for a continuous dialogue; a disturbing duality as well as in an infinite solidarity in which its appearance as a seducer touches the essence between knowing and not knowing.
There is silence on the dividing line of meanings.
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